Our Motto

“To serve with love, dedication, compassion and commitment in humility”

Our Vision

“Church Health Services as a constitutional organization will strive to carry out the healing ministry of Jesus Christ by providing quality and affordable health care for all people.”

Our Mission

“Inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we strive to provide the best health care with dignity, respect, compassion and dedication in partnership with government and non-government health care providers through health promotion, training, clinical care and evidence based research work.”

Christian Health Services Papua New Guinea

Christian Health Services (PNG) or CHS formerly Churches Medical Council of PNG Inc is the organization representing all churches involved in the health ministry at the provincial, regional and national level. It is recognised by the National Government as the body representing all the churches providing health service in partnership with the Government. [Read more]



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CHS Brochures

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Our Core Values

  • Prayer: Strategic prayer is an essential prerequisite for success in any program
  • Christian Unity: Promotion of unity and cooperation between all denominations of Christian churches.
  • Dignity: All people have intrinsic value as equally made in the image of God, and therefore deserve opportunity to know Him and to develop with dignity.
  • Integration: We emphasize Christian Biblical integral development, integrating the physical, social, spiritual and mental components of the person
  • Sustainable Development: Long-term solutions focus on development rather than relief, disease prevention rather than cure, equipping and empowering people to change themselves rather than doing it for them.
  • Community Ownership: Programs are owned by the people and built on local initiative, as demonstrated by volunteerism and wise use of local resources.
  • Multiplication: Training people to train others using concepts and appropriate technologies that are transferable.