Financial Management

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Financial Management

An organizaion will operate successfully if it is financially sound. Finance is the lifeblood of CHSPNG. It is the responisibility of our financial management team to plan, control and do fair arrangement of funds or resources, so that we can carry out our objective as satisfactory as possible.

What we do

Financial management is one of our most important responsibilities. Our main role is to provide basic primary health care services to mostly the remote areas of PNG through our affiliated member agencies. To achieve that, we plan, organize, direct and control our financial activities as such as the:

  • Distribution of:
    • Government Grants
    • Donor Assistances
    • Scarce Resources
  • Procument and utilization of funds (govenment grants from CHSPNG) to our affiliated member agencies.

Public Finance Management Act (PFMA)

CHSPNG adopts prudence management approach in all our financial transactions and dealings, both at the National Secretariat Office and Agency level as a whole. Hence, we observe and comply with the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) for compliance purposes and in line with CHS Act 13 of 2007, for the Grants usage for its intended purposes to deliver primary health care services to our needy and sick people around the country.