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Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

We value impact and how our work is making a difference to help people. At CHSPNG, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is of high priority, it is not only a principal, but a practice.

M&E enables us to:

  • Identify our project(s) progress
  • Measure the impact and effectiveness of a project
  • Identify, improve or make unnecessary changes on certain areas of projects
  • Be accountable to the PNG government, donors, sponsors, suppliers and partner organizations

What we do

The primary role of M&E at CHSPNG is to support and strengthen our programs. M&E help us as an organisation to assess and manage our performances through measurable KPI’s (Key performance indictors), so the right improvements can be made to achieve the overall goal. In terms of programs, the role of M&E is to strengthen and support the following key program areas;

  • EDEN Health Promotion program
  • eNHIS (new electronic national health information system) routine data collection and reporting via eNHIS
  • Finance reporting (grant acquittals)
  • Health facility assessment and update
  • Health research projects