Primary Health Services

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Christian Health Services key focus is on Primary Rural Health particularly in Curative health care.

CHS as an organization facilitating 75 % of health services throughout the country targets these health related fields in curative health:
  • management of common health conditions such as common diseases,
  • referrals
  • deliveries,
  • surgery (minor & major)
  • Pathology
  • dental
  • eye care
  • pharmaceutical
  • radiography
  • mortuary
  • intensive care
  • Ambulance and Medevac services
CHS is specifically involved in:
  1. Training: In-service (agencies) and Pre-service
  2. Primary Health Programs
  • Health Promotions
  • Fammily Planning
  • Antenatal
  • Post Natal
  • Nutrition
  • Well Baby
  • Immunisation – outreach
  • TB/HIV
  • Other:
  • Dental
  • School Health
  • Home Visits
  • Medical Patrol

CHS (PNG) also realizes the importance of Health Promotions and advocating for people to take ownership of their own health and live healthier lifestyles. The Health Promotions program produces the EDEN concept which is Effective Development Empowering the Nation and aims at prevention rather than cure. It targets mindset change and transforms the individual to think more on the preventative side of health rather than curative.