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National Health Services Standards for Papua New Guinea, are the blue print for safe, quality care. They reflect the National Health Plan 2011 – 2020 with intention to transfer health system and the goal of “Strengthening Primary Health Care” for the remote population.

National Health Services Standards call for uniformity in all levels of services provided. That can include;

  • Infrastructure Standards
  • Health Workforce Standards
  • Management
  • Clinical Services
  • Preventive services

These services are defineed through PNG National Services Standards that determines the levels:

  • Regional Hospital – Level 6
  • General Hospital – Level 5
  • District Hospital – Level 4
  • Health Centre 
  • Community health Post (CHP)
  • Aid post

For Christian Health Services PNG, these are the scope of services we provide, from level 1 to level 4:

Level 1 – Aidpost, it is served by a single health worker and covers a population of 500 to 1000 people and focuses mostly on health promotion and minor illnesses and providing referrals that needed futher management.

Level 2 – Community Health Post (CHP), all the services provided by Level 1 with additionals like, inpatient short stays, delivery, nutrition programs, TB, HIV and Malaria. It is a 3 man facility.

Level 3 – Rural Health Centre, all services provided in level 2, including medical, paediatric, maternal, basic laboratory services, and integrated outreach services.

Level 3 – Urban Health Services, same as Level 3 CHP, excluding inpatient care, provide 5 days 8 hours service. Also conduct primary health care, family planing, disease control, health promotion, nutrition programs and other medical services and referrals and medical consultations.

Level 4 – District Hospitals / Public Health Services, all services provided as level 3 including minor surgicals, clinical support services, inpatient  care and provides Senior Medical Officer (SMO) and medical officers, rural health, laboratory services, medical imaging, mortuary services, dental services, meduim surgical services, medical consultations, referral point from level 1 – 3 facilities and provide pre-service training for medical students.