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We are constituted, enacted (CHS Act 2007) and registered under Investment Promotion Autorithy (IPA) as Christian Health Services PNG Inc.

General Assemlby

CHSPNG General Assembly is the overall governing body that governs the operations of Christian Health Services in PNG. It’s operation are governed by it’s constitution (revised edition, April 2019). 

Executive Board

The CHS Executive Board is the authority delegated by the General Assembly to oversee the operations of the Chritian Health Services throughout PNG. The Secretariat office serves as the coordinating office for all CHS Agencies and their operations throughout PNG.

As per the constitution, the Chairman, the Treasurer, and the Secretary are elected by the General Assembly and serve a term of 2 years and can seek re-election.

The representatives for the four regions (Highlands, Momase, Southern & Islands) are elected durign the respective annual regional assembly meetings and are endosed on the floor of the Annual General Assembly. They serve a term of 3 years and can seek re-election.