Churches and government must work together, says Ipatas

Nov 21, 2019 | NEWS

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CHURCH Health Agencies in the Highlands must work together with their local MPs and provincial governments to deliver effective health care.

These comments were made by Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas at the official opening of the CHS Highlands Regional Conference at Par in the Wabag District in March.

“It is important as leaders that we start serving our people. Let us work together with local MPs and our provincial governments so that we can better serve the people. We must realise that there are systems in place that the Churches must utilise so that we all provide the service our people need” he said.

Sir Peter also applauded the work of Church Health Services in the Highlands especially in the rural and remote areas.

“You have all been very strong partners at the provincial and national level in providing health service to some of the most difficult places in the country. Thank you for your commitment in serving the people in most difficult circumstances,” The governor said.

He encouraged health workers and participants from Church Health Agencies through all Highlands provinces that the government was mandated to deliver quality health care service in the country but could not do it alone as it did not have the capacity. 

“The Churches are stepping in to the job that the government cannot do. And it is the government’s job to support the Churches.

“We know the Churches have an extensive network in the country and have been a key partner to the government in providing health services therefore it requires all us to work together as health is everybody’s business,” Sir Peter said.

He said in Enga, health had been the second priority while education had been first but it was becoming more evident that the need for quality, affordable health care was becoming a priority in line with the objectives of the National Health Plan and encouraged partners to work together with their local MPs to provide effective service delivery.

“This government has been good to us. We want to see tangible developments. Put your resources in the right place.”

The governor added that while education in Enga had improved, the health indicators needed to improve also and he hoped to make it the number one priority in the next five years.

“The way forward for health is through the churches. Through God and through the Churches. Churches also have an obligation to serve God’s people as servants of God. Do not do it for money rather work with your heart,” Sir Peter encouraged the participants.

The presence of the Governor at the opening ceremony boosted morale of the church health workers as it showed them a humble politician who had the heart for his people and who had everyone’s best interests at heart.

A dinner was hosted by the governor on the final night of the conference at the Ipatas Centre in Wabag and a visit to the Enga house of assembly. A tour of the Take Anda “Enga Culture House” was also organised.

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