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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does CHS do?
    The Christian Health Services of PNG is responsible for managing all church-run health agencies and health Training Schools within PNG
  • Who can be a member of CHS?
    See membership process (click on link)
  • How can an interested member apply?
    Link to membership process
  • How many agencies are there under CHS?
    Currently there are 85
  • Where does CHS get its funding?
  • CHS gets its funding through monthly grants from the Government of PNG through the National Department of Health







Alliance and Partners

4 square   Anglican Health Services     Christian Leaders Training College   Evangelical Brotherhood Church    Hope World Wide PNG   Kompiam Rural Hospital   Evangelical Lutheran Church PNG    Nazarene Rural Health Services   Salvation            Army   Seventh Day Adventist   Summer Institute of Linguistics   United Church PNG    South Sea Evangelical Church - PNG


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