Membership Process

Full Time Membership

Churches or Christian organisations desiring to become full time members of the PNG Christian Health Services must have at least four (4) full time qualified medical workers in their health agency/agencies to apply for full membership to CHS and should follow this process:

  • Apply in writing with an expression of interest letter and application letter to the chief executive officer of CHS;
  • Include a profile summary of their Church organisation including references from a member organisation from the PNG Council of Churches;
  • Obtain a letter from the Provincial Health Authority CEO/Secretary on the status of health service delivery in that province(s) and approval to partner with churches on providing health services in that province.

Associate Membership

Any other Church or Christian organisation who are NOT directly involved in health care service can apply for associate membership by:

  • Submitting a letter of application to the chief executive officer of CHS
  • Submitting  a reference from a member of the PNG Council of Churches
  • Membership an associate memberships are voted during a constituted annual meeting of the CHS board Members.
  • Acceptance of membership requires a two thirds majority of eligible voters present

The CHS Board reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member if.

  •  They are found to have acted contrary to the guidelines set by the Board.  This will be made after two months of notice to the council and voted by which the outcome is by majority.

Membership Fees

This Applies to all full and associate members

  • Membership fees are paid annually before the CHS Annual Conference.
  • Membership fees are worked out by the CHS Chief Executive Officer and all members and associate members are informed.
  • Membership fees must be paid in advance in order cast votes during the annual conference
  • Non-payment of membership fees will result of loss of member votes during the Annual Conference

Training Schools

  • All Church run Training Schools must register every year before the CHS Annual Conference
  • An annual membership fee of K550 must be paid in full before the CHS annual conference



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