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Alesco Payroll Rollout Update


What is Alesco Payroll?

  • Alesco Payroll is a centralised government payroll in which Christian Health Services (PNG) in partnership with the Department of Finance, Department of Personnel Management, Department of Treasury and National the Health Department is working closely together with to roll out for CHS agencies.
  • The first recipients of the Alesco roll out were the CHS Training Schools who started in January 2016.
  • This accomplishment has been the build-up of seven years of planning and implementation by the various government departments and CHS (PNG) to fulfil NEC decision 375 (2013) to have a centralised payroll system for CHS health workers throughout the country.

CHS PNG is currently an online user of the Alesco Payroll. We value the strong partnership that we have with DoF, DPM, Treasury and NDOH and acknowledge the powerful committee that we are part of who has helped in so many ways to see this project a success.

 Secretariat Update:

  • CHS currently have one user to the Alesco Payroll
  • Office setup for four more users – 100% complete
  • Training for two users – May 2017
  • All payroll updates and data entries are done at the CHS Secretariat
  • CHS Secretariat proposed structure – Complete 100% [ Approved by SEM]
  • Proposed CHS Secretariat Structure Costing – Complete 100%

Phase One – CHS Training School

The successful rollout of the CHSTS Alesco Payroll was the combined effort of NDOH, DoF, DPM and Treasury and at a completion rate of 90%:

  • CHS Pay Group has a total of 362 Positions
  • One more schools to cover  - Kukumanda Chw [Enga]
  • Current Staff on Payroll – 262
  • Current Vacant Position – 100 positions
  • Nasfund – 100% complete [Employer & Employee]
  • Allowances – 13 staff pending due to award correction
  • Payroll Support and Assistance – Very Good

Phase Two - CHS Secretariat and Agencies

  • Secretariat Proposed structure complete has been approved by NDoH SEM
  • DPM to in built to CHS Pay group
  • CHS Secretariat to be online by Pay 6/2017
  • Eastern Highlands Province will follow after
  • NDoH & CHS working on Standard Structure per Facility with Budget costing and Job Description

Agency Data Collection Update

  • Data Collection for the Regions – 65% Complete
  • Momase Region – 75%
  • NGI – 50%
  • Highlands Region – 30%
  • Southern Region – 2%

Forward Planning

  • CHS Secretariat structure to be included in the Pay Group Establishment – March 2017
  • Data Collection – Momase [May – June]
  • Data Collection Budget Estimates – Done
  • Alesco Advance Training – One Staff [March 2017]
  • Alesco Basic Training – Two Staff [May 2017]
  • 2017 Second Alesco Committee Update
  • Next Meeting – 03rd March 2017



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